5 Questions to Ask Tire Dealers

When it’s time to buy tires, the last thing you want is to feel intimidated. So make sure you do a little homework before you go. (All of which is found within Tires 101, along with an easy-to-use Find a Tire tool at the top of the page.) We’ve even put together five easy questions to take to your local dealer (find a BFGoodrich Tire dealer near you by using the Dealer Locator at the top of the page), but remember that you can always order it instead of settling for another tire.

  • Are my current tires the best tires for my vehicle?
  • What are the best tires that match my driving habits and my price?
  • Can you give me a pricing tier of my tire type with three choices?
  • What is the mileage warranty (if any) of my new tires?
  • Is the tire manufacturer highly reputable?