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How do I remove the Bar code label from the sidewall?


Although bar code label removal is not necessary for the safe and efficient use of the tire, it may be necessary to remove the label for aesthetic reasons. The 16mm by 40mm bar code label on the lower sidewall may be difficult to remove from some tires. Please advise your tire dealer that label removal may be facilitated by applying with a cotton swab a small amount of paint thinner (mineral spirits) to the label on a MOUNTED INFLATED tire. Then, carefully pry under the center of the label with a flat-bladed screw driver to remove it. Your dealer will do this slowly and carefully to avoid damaging the tire. After the label has been removed by this procedure, the tire should be carefully inspected.

We are currently perfecting a more readily removable bar code label. In the meantime, the above procedure provides an effective method of removing the occasional "stubborn" bar code label from the tires when necessary.

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