Freelance auto photographer Andy Carter doesn’t focus on the competitive side of car culture. He’s not one for retreading old ground. Instead, he’s shining the spotlight on unique—but never over-the-top—restorations.

1992 Chevy S10

The Average Squad

Carter co-founded The Average Squad, a small, unassuming brand, with a few friends in response to what they saw happening in online car culture. “These days, everyone is trying to push boundaries, top the last guy, and make what should be a hobby into a competition. We really just want to deliver some quality coverage of cars and trucks that might otherwise get lost in the shuffle,” explains Carter.

A Fast and Furious Fascination

Everyone has embarrassing high school stories. For Carter, it was discovering an interest in cars through watching the original The Fast and the Furious. Even though his parents always had something interesting in the garage, it was the look and feel of the import tuner movement that really piqued Carter’s interest in cars.

Nostalgia Never Looked So Good

Back in 1992, Carter’s grandfather purchased a brand-new Chevrolet S10 to be used as a hay hauler in southern Georgia. He remembers driving the S10 around—stacked with bait and tackle for fishing trips—like it was yesterday. When it came time for Carter to go off to college in 2005, the S10 became his.


Ready for Restoration

Carter’s goal for the S10 was to create an OEM+ restoration. The first step? Replacing all of the chrome parts with their OEM black equivalent. Next, he painted the truck to loosely resemble a contemporary S10 Baja Edition. Along the exterior, he replaced the stock headlights with Trucklite LED units, added a Line-X bed covering and a generic roll pan, and wrapped the wheels with BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO tires (235/70/16). They were the last set of that size available in the entire country. Chalk it up to fate.

If you think the outside looks shiny, take a look at the interior. Carter re-covered the seats with a Pendleton Woolen Mills blanket, installed a Retrosound Newport stereo and added a removable NRG hub and Sportline steering wheel.

If you ask us, this average Chevy S10 is anything but.

Steering Wheel