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Tires 101

Welcome to tires 101. This tire info paradise.  If it's tire-related, it's here.
  • Left side shot of BFGoodrich G Force Super Sport performance tire.

    Performance Tires

    Performance tires are all the same, right? Wrong. Learn what the different speed ratings mean and why they matter.

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  • BFGoodrich Mud Terrain Tire on yellow Jeep.

    Why Buy BFGoodrich®?

    Our tires are proven in racing and engineered to make the most of your car's performance. If you believe driving should be fun, BFGoodrich has a tire for you.

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  • BFGoodrich G Force Super Sport cutaway to show tire construction.

    Tire Construction

    There’s a lot more to a tire than just rubber on a rim. Get a better understanding of the main parts of a tire and the role each one plays.

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  • Jeeps on off-road terrain with BFGoodrich tires.

    Off-Road Driving

    Off-road driving can be fun. Especially, when it’s intentional. Either way, it’s good to know the basics…and we’re the experts.

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