BFGoodrich® g-ForceTM Family of Tires

From road trips to the race track, BFGoodrich® g-ForceTM tires provide outstanding grip and performance. UltiGrip Technology keeps you on the road all summer long by optimizing rubber-to-road contact for the ultimate wet and dry traction while a razor-sharp steering response keeps you competition ready. Shop our g-ForceTM tires today to find exactly what you are looking for in your new tires.


Our Best Ultra-High Performance All-Season Tire Ever.

  • Excellent Wet & Dry Performance
  • Control in All Seasons
  • Good Treadlife
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g-ForceTM Sport COMP-2TM

Accelerate faster, corner harder, brake shorter. Born from racing technology, get sharp steering response and leading grip in any condition.

  • Ultimate Dry and Wet Grip
  • Proven Stability
  • Reinforced Construction
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g-ForceTM R1TM & R1TM S

The DOT-approved R-compound track tire that takes winning as seriously as you do. The g-ForceTM R1TM was designed for track days and road racing offering consistency lap after lap. The g-ForceTM R1TM S offers an alternate softer compound designed for quicker warm-up and sprint racing.

  • Race-Proven Technology
  • Razor-Sharp Steering Response
  • DOT-approved R-Compound
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g-ForceTM Rival® S

If it's paved, own it. The enhanced "S" compound offers maximum dry performance for autocross or time attack competition.

  • Ultimate Grip
  • Quicker Warm-Ups
  • Semi-Competition Tire Legal for SCCA Solo/Pro Solo
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