g-Force Family

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Our Best Ultra-High Performance All-Season Tire Ever.

  • TRUSTED ALL SEASON COMFORT: Improved dry and wet handling performance1
  • ADVANCED WET-ROAD HANDLING. Significantly better than the BFGOODRICH® g-ForceTM COMP-2TM A/S tire in wet testing2
  • PROVEN QUALITY ASSURANCE. Improved performance, with the same great treadlife warranty3
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g-ForceTM Sport COMP-2TM

Accelerate faster1, corner harder2 & brake shorter for next-level control and next-level fun on the street.

  • ACCELERATE FASTER: Best dry traction vs. the competition on the track for 100%more fun on the street3
  • BRAKE SHORTER: Stops up the 16 feet shorter in the wet4 and even up to 9 feet shorter in the dry for more control entering the corners.
  • CORNER HARDER. More control for precise cornering with 30% better wet and 8% better dry grip5
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g-ForceTM R1TM & R1TMS

The DOT-approved R-compound track tire that takes winning as seriously as you do. The g-ForceTM R1TM was designed for track days and road racing offering consisency lap after lap. The g-ForceTM R1TM S offers an alternate softer compound designed for quicker warm-up and sprint racing.

  • Consistent performance for duration of sprint race and limited fall-off
  • Razor-sharp steering response
  • Competition ready
  • R1 S Quicker warm up
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g-ForceTMRival® S


  • Updated for 2017 v1.5 uses the same time tested Rival S compound for quick warm-up in autocross and time attack competition
  • Rival S v1.5 offers internal construction enhancement for improved turn in and transitional handling
  • DOT legal UTQG 200 semi-competition tire legal for SCCA Solo, SCCA Pro Solo, Goodguys Pro Touring, and One Lap of America competition.
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