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New BFGoodrich® Winter T/A® KSI Tire Now Available Only in Canada

Confidently tackles snow, ice and wet winter conditions

LAVAL, Quebec, Sept. 7, 2017 ― Bfgoodrich.ca delivers its next level of on-road control with the launch of the BFGoodrich® Winter T/A® KSI tire. Benefits of this new seasonal tire range from extreme winter traction and serious wet performance to precise handling and undeniable durability.

“BFGoodrich® Tires has been successfully refreshing its portfolio of products in Canada since the 2013 launch of the g-ForceTM Sport COMP-2TM tire. Many of the advanced technologies found in our other popular products are particularly valuable on the road in winter, when drivers confront damp, wet or slushy conditions. A serrated shoulder profile, for instance, really makes the difference in digging you out of deep snow or getting you through snowy ruts,” said Sabrina Garofalo, marketing manager for winter tires in Canada. “The bold features of this new Winter T/A® KSI tire make it a perfect, seasonal bookend for drivers who don’t want surprising winter conditions calling the shots on their daily fun.”

Technology, design and construction converge in the Winter T/A® KSI tire to deliver these key benefits:

- Traction: The tire’s max sipe density furnishes numerous biting edges created for confident acceleration and braking on ice and snow, while the tire’s saw-toothed groove edges are designed to provide superior grip. The BFGoodrich® Winter T/A® KSI tire carries the “three-peak mountain snowflake” rating, which indicates it meets the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC) requirements for “Severe Snow Traction.”

- Performance: Large circumferential and wide lateral grooves coupled with the directional tread design, sweep away slush and water. A high-density silica compound helps deliver impressive traction in sub-freezing temperatures and extended durability on warmer winter days.

- Control: The handling that BFGoodrich® drivers prize is secured through the combination of a continuous centre rib constructed to deliver precise, on-centre road feel in any weather condition, and with locking 3-D active sipes for predictable cornering and handling.

- Durability: Casing protectors in the form of rubber pads incorporated in the grooves help defend against stone drilling.

The new BFGoodrich® Winter T/A® KSI, a T-speed-rated tire, is available in 32 sizes (with one additional size being introduced in December 2017). The 2017 sizes range from 14-inch to 17-inch, with retail prices varying from $104 to $207:

An additional 11 sizes will become available in the third quarter of 2018, for a total of 44 sizes between 14-inch and 20-inch and responding to 81% of the Canadian winter tire market.

The following sizes become available in 2018:

The BFGoodrich® Winter T/A® KSI will offer 20 sizes more than its predecessor, the BFGoodrich® Winter Slalom KSI tire. For additional information about the BFGoodrich® Winter T/A® KSI, please visit www.bfgoodrich.ca

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