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Need to change your tires?
15 inch tires? 20 inch tires? Are you having a hard time identifying your tire size? Keep in mind that knowing the correct tire size is essential to minimise safety risks and achieve the best driving performance. Your tire choice must also comply with the law and the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer

Rest assured: Finding your car’s tire size is not as complicated as it might seem. To choose the right MICHELIN® tire size, open your vehicle owner’s manual ,driver’s side door or fuel cap: the tire size of your car and load/speed rating information is usually there.

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How to read a tire size?

For example, if you read 205/55R17 91V, it means:

  • 205 represents the width of the tire (in millimetres)
  • 55 represents the height in comparison to the width in percentage
  • R is the type of construction (R for radial, D for diagonal and B for belted)
  • 17 is the wheel’s diameter (in inches)
  • 91 is the speed and load rating.
  • V represents the speed index defining the maximum speed at which the tire can go
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Identifying the tire for your needs can also be done through our tire selector. Make the most of our expertise! It helps you find the best tire for your vehicle and your driving style.  Based on the information you provide, our selector will display the manufacturer-approved tires designed specifically for your vehicle, as well as a list of sizes compatible with the original ones.

If you prefer, you can also find your tire by selecting your car type or usage, or by selecting your car brand.

If you don’t have access to this information and if you need more details on car tires sizes, please visit our guide: how to choose the right tire?

It is recommended that you follow the manufacturers' recommendations when replacing your tires. Michelin recommends the installation of identical 4 identical tires on all 4 driving wheels of your vehicle (except if your vehicle is originally equipped with different dimensions, front and rear).

When searching by tire size alone, please be aware that the displayed results may not be applicable (or recommended) for your vehicle due to several factors (including but not limited to size, speed rating, load capacity, intended service conditions, etc.). Please seek expert advice.

Need assistance or have questions? We are here to help. Contact us. Our experts are at your service to offer you the best advice on tires.

Legal Mentions

The load and/or speed ratings displayed may differ slightly from the original size specified on the vehicle label. As a qualified professional, your tyre dealer will be able to advise you in:

1. Informing you if the load and/or speed rating of the replacement tyres is different from the original tyres.

2. Determining whether the tyre pressure should be adjusted for the proposed alternative size

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