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GETSOME photo founder Art Eugenio is an off-road photographer—and a damn good one at that. To keep up with professional racers, he needed an equally capable ride. Art’s solution? A modified 1994 Ford Bronco XLT.

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“I’d been searching for a vehicle to use to scout race courses that would be reliable, have parts easily accessible in Baja, could lock up all my gear inside and could take me wherever I wanted to go on racecourses in the United States and Mexico,” remembers Eugenio. He decided on a Bronco and eventually tracked one down that wasn’t completely beat to hell.

You’d hardly know by looking at it, but Eugenio teamed up with BFGoodrich® Tires to bring the Bronco back to life. They combined Rothmans Racing livery with BFGoodrich flair, a smooth blend of style and history.

Over the years, the Bronco underwent several changes. Because for Art, the secret to a great photo is the right rig. All the mods have helped make his job easier—especially when traveling deep into Baja, covering races like the Baja 500 and Baja 1000 and other events like Vegas to Reno and the Parker 425.

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Eugenio gave us some detailed specs of exactly what’s under the hood (and much more):

Powerplant: An upgraded 351w engine that pulls a little over 400hp. It also has a Flowmaster muffler and oversized UMP air filter for dust removal.

Drive train: E4OD automatic transmission that runs external coolers to keep the temperature down when running in the soft stuff in 120-degree heat. The transfer case is stock, for now. The rear end is a trussed big bearing Ford 9” Yukon nodular case with 31 spline Currie axles, 4:56 gears and Detroit locker. The front is trussed D44 twin traction beams also with 4:56 gearing. Custom drivelines, front and rear, by Axis Metal Design.

Suspension: 2.5” King coilover 12” shocks with AGM sliders. Rear is 3” King smooth body and a custom leaf spring pack. Other features include a swing-set steering from Threat Motorsports and interior cage from Solo Motorsports to keep him safe.

Interior: Mastercraft Baja RS seats, ARB fridge/freezer, Lowrance GPS, PCI race radio and intercom and a rack built to house a pit box, camera gear and a spare BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tire.

Exterior: Baja Designs LED lighting and Vision wheels. He converted the stock spare tire carrier into a fuel and water rack and added custom bumpers, front and rear.

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Personally and professionally, Eugenio appreciates that the power of the Bronco can truly take him anywhere. “I travel solo in most cases, and you really need something that not only gets you out there, but can get you home, too.”

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