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Charlene Bower: Redefining Racing

To put it simply, Charlene Bower does it all. To expand on that, she has started her own PR and marketing shop and founded the Ladies Offroad Network, among being an avid off-roader with a bevvy of skills. Bower is a powerhouse in the off-road world. And while she may not be in the spotlight, it’s her behind-the-scenes hustle that makes the difference.

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Early Days in the Dirt

Bower’s dad was an International Six Days Enduro champion—so it’s no surprise she was in a backpack on a dirt bike while in diapers. As she got older, family trips were spent exploring the Rubicon Trail, Moab, Utah and Ouray, Colorado. Her first job was changing tires in the back of a motorcycle shop. She wasn’t a big fan of coming home covered in oil and smelling like gasoline, so she honed her customer service skills working up front instead.

Finding Purpose

After nearly a decade working in auto parts stores, motorcycle shops and even a quick stint in marketing in LA, Bower loaded up her dirt bikes and drove off for a six-month hiatus. She wound up in Pismo Beach, California where Sand Sports Magazine did a feature on her Honda ATC 70s custom mod. Bower asked how to get involved in the magazine business, and a few weeks later, she was in Oregon learning everything she could.

The Birth of Bower Motorsports Media

From her first job at the motorcycle shop, Bower knew that success in a male-dominated industry isn’t easy for a woman. Since when has easy ever mattered? With her magazine skills and a love of all things off-road, she knew she had what it took to deliver content off-roaders were looking for. And she was relentless. That’s when Bower Motorsports Media was born. From races to Jeep Jamborees to trade shows, if it involves dirt or wheels, Bower has it covered. And with industry partners and clients like BFGoodrich who supported her vision from the get-go, Bower began getting more women involved in the off-road scene, too.

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From a Single Challenge to an Entire Network

Through BFGoodrich, Bower had the opportunity to participate in a series of races. When it came time to find co-drivers, she didn’t want just another industry-insider. Instead, she organized the Ladies Offroad Challenge to find women with a passion for wheeling looking to try something new. The response was huge. She selected three women from a pool of 91—and it was literally off to the races. Bower took second in the Pro class at 36 Hours of Uwharrie with one co-driver and beat 32 teams with another co-driver at the 2016 Rebelle Rally. Bower’s next adventure became crystal clear: the Ladies Offroad Network.

A True Champion of Women

The Ladies Offroad Network has brought together women off-road enthusiasts at events around the country: the Rubicon Trail, the Baja 1000, Fury Rode and Bower-organized events and conventions. If it creates more opportunities for women, count Bower in. She’s no longer a woman living in a man’s world. She made her own. So, for all the guys looking over their shoulders: She’s probably already passed you.

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