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From the streets of Las Vegas to the desert roads of the southwest, no route is off-limits for Parker Pulido and Project Blobeye: his 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX.

For Pulido, customization is everything. His initial interest in cars grew from the countless options to make your ride your own. It’s safe to say stock isn’t Pulido’s style.

Pulido always loved Subarus and knew he had to have Project Blobeye after seeing it in a Craigslist ad. He brought it home, and got to work. He gave it a slight lift, added rally coilovers and beefed up the tires with BFGoodrich® All-Terrain T/A® KO2s. “The reason I chose these tires is because when I owned Toyota pickups, I always ran All-Terrains for the simple reason of dependability. The tire sizing for Subarus is a little more difficult, but with minimal research, it's no doubt that these tires are the best fit for Project Blobeye,” says Pulido.

If you think Project Blobeye is goofy looking, Pulido couldn’t agree more. Inspired by @mtn_roo, an Instagram account dedicated to off-road Subarus, Pulido decided to avoid the typical track route and instead opted for a more impractical, eccentric build.

Pulido and Project Blobeye have had plenty of adventures over the years: exploring Lake Mead and the Colorado River, heading outside of Las Vegas to tackle both gravel trails and muddy trails, and trying out off-road rock crawling—to name a few. “One of the perks of living in Las Vegas is that we are surrounded by many different types of terrain which keeps the trail rides interesting,” says Pulido.

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If one thing’s for sure, it’s that countless trail rides have formed a true bond between Pulido and Project Blobeye. “I love my Subaru because it’s unique. Even with the rapidly growing off-road Subaru scene, I can still say my car is one of a kind. Anyone with a passion for cars or trucks will say the same thing: despite preferences in make and model, it's about a love for your machine.”

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